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                                            • Always reserve a minimum number of parts. Key components should be kept in the field for quick replacement, thus minimizing downtime.
                                            • Make sure that your equipment operators have received training in good working order and safety training.
                                            • In order to facilitate better equipment selection, please provide the following information in the consultation:
                                              ①be packaged materials and their properties;
                                              ② bag type and size;
                                              ③ packaging capacity requirements;
                                              ④ Packaging net weight and measurement accuracy Equipment spatial dimensions
                                              ⑤ reserved;
                                            • Kaiwei Company long-term with automatic weighing packaging palletizing production line physical prototypes, can strip the actual operation, welcome customers to come to our distance all-round inspection.
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                                              Since 1881 when the first automatic quantitative scale in the world was invented by UK, over the sustainable development of the past century, E series products have become a recognized benchmark in the sector.
                                              By absorbing the century-old essence of E series, combining its own experience for years in material processing and integrating the modern weighing control technology, and in line with current national conditions,the new generation KE55 automatic quantitative scale product designed and manufactured by Kaiwei Company is characterized by high precision, rapid speed, strong environmental adaptability, good reliability in the system etc. At present, automatic quantitative scale products made by Kaiwei Company mainly involve such two categories of as open bags and flexible container bag in packing bag type. The typical materials involved are as follows:
                                            dried beans
                                            ferment powder
                                            crushed stone
                                            crushed stone
                                            raw sugar
                                            unprocessed grain
                                            chemical fertilizer
                                            compound fertilizer
                                            sodium nitrate
                                            caustic soda flakes
                                            caustic soda flakes
                                            flaky resin
                                            PVC resin
                                            Automatic quantitative scale
                                            KE55-G type (gravity-type feeding)
                                            Applicable to quantitative weighing of free-flow materials
                                            Single arch feeding gate, multi-stage feeding way
                                            Volume of weighing hopper: 50, 80, 120 and 170L
                                            Working capacity of single scale (max.): 600b/h
                                            Degree of accuracy: Superior to 0.2 class
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                                            KE55-B type (belt type feeding)
                                            Specially designed for various granulated feeds and materials with similar property ...
                                            Being capable of maintaining the shape of materials effectively
                                            Fast/slow double-belt type feeding
                                            Volume of weighing hopper: 50、80、120L
                                            單秤工作能力 (max):400b/h
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                                            KE55-DS type (screw type feeding)
                                            Double-screw feeding type
                                            Applicable to quantitative weighing of general powder materials ...
                                            Special design can be customized according to particular property of specific materials ...
                                            Special design can be customized according to particular property of specific materials ...
                                            Volume of weighing hopper: 50、80、120L
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